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04/19/11 07:37 PM #1    

Floyd Shadwick

Welcome to the forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/28/14 09:33 PM #2    

Richard Harrison

Dear Floyd,

Thank you for the information about an informal Class of 1974 gathering in May. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. Would that it could be scheduled for sometime in June or July.

Many thanks,

Richard Harrison

247 North Mounts Bay Court

Longwood, Florida 32779







04/12/14 12:43 PM #3    

Floyd Shadwick

Unfortunately I sent out the wrong date. The reunion will held on June the 21st.

Thanks for responding.

04/14/14 09:20 AM #4    

Lannis Riddle

Thanks for the add to this forum and info on the reunion. I should be able to attend. Hope someone will get info out concerning this event in other ways so we can possibly have large attendance.

04/27/14 07:44 PM #5    


Sheri Smith Prince

Hi, thanks for update on reunion, hope to be able to attend and reunite with my fellow classmates!

06/22/14 12:54 AM #6    


Randall R. Tucker

Thanks to all that made the reunion plans and put forth the effort to arrange a great place and atmosphere for our 40th reunion. It was great to see those that were there! It is sad to think about those that have passed and think about future reunions when that list will only grow. Who would have thought 40 years ago we would gather again in 2014.

06/26/14 01:53 PM #7    

Nancy Brandon Clark (Clark)

I thoroughly enjoyed our 40th reunion .  Saw many friends I hadn't seen in years.  I especially enjoyed visiting the few people that I had attended school with since 1st grade.  I thought that we had a good crowd until I got out my yearbook and realized how many had not come.  On Monday, I went to the grocery store and met 3 classmates who did not come.  WHY?  Because they were not notified.  None of them do Facebook.  My sister's class sends a postcard to every surviving classmate.  Could we advertise in local newspapers and on local radio stations?  We need more attendees.   Nancy Brandon Clark  gmail---oneal brandon clark@gmail.com

06/27/14 08:45 AM #8    

Mike Crick

A great time was had at our 40th !   Thanks to Floyd, Emmett, Mike Neiderhauser, Cathy Mayton, and all that I missed.    I tried to talk to everybody there, but I may have missed someone.  I received my notifications well ahead of time.  I see my wife trying to round up 250 people for there reunions, and it ain't easy.  Bravo for putting it all together.   Keeping it simple was good. 

Mike Crick   

1227 Mount Vernon Lane, Mount Juliet, Tn 37122


07/09/18 06:39 AM #9    

Patrica (Patty) Webster (Woolwine)

Well Heck Yeah we should have a 45th reunion!  My brother's class had a really fabulous reunion at the convention center and had music and dancing and a buffet and people could come and stay at the adjoining hotel and they had a huge turnout.  I know because I went to see all of Brian's friends who were mine as well.  (Brian died in 2010).  And that is the point.  We need to celebrate while so many of us are stilll around!  I'll be glad to be on the committee if I can do anything from Nashville.  Thanks  Trish (Patti Webster) Woolwine  trishwoolwine@comcast.net

07/10/18 08:32 AM #10    


May Biles (Norton)

May Biles Norton I'm all for it. Just let me know what I can do my cell # 931-607-9620.  Just post the date of the class reunion my son graduates  May 24, 2019.  I know I'm to young to have a son graduating :)

07/11/18 12:44 PM #11    

Betty Jean Mccormick (Harrell Taylor)

Hi Floyd,

Would it be possible to get a booklet done with people's contact info? Since I have been back in TN so seldom since 1975 I have no idea how to contact my two closest school friends.

Betty (McCormick Harrell) Taylor

07/11/18 01:02 PM #12    


Melissa Burks (Neel)

I am in favor of a 45th reunion.  We are not getting any younger and we are lossing more classmates every year.  I was so glad I attended the 40th.  It was the last time I saw Nancy Brandon Clark.  Sure will miss seeing her.  Let me know if there is something I can do to help.

Best regards,

Melissa Burks Neel


08/26/23 10:50 PM #13    

David Fletcher

If anyone has old video footage with sound of the Coffee County High School marching band, from Fall '72, '73, or '74, I would love to borrow those to copy.  Any type (VHS, Super 8, etc.), any format, I think I can get copies made reasonably.

David W Fletcher

08/27/23 01:25 PM #14    

Rosanna Hance (Smartt /Bruce)

Hi David! I know my Dad always took videos of us practicing and at the games.  He would have been using an 8mm.  I put all those things n a box when I moved back home.  I will dig them out one day and let u know if I find them.  He always marked what was on them so they should be easy to find.  Ive got his projector too but not sure if I can figure that out😵‍💫 I'd luv to see them again!  Rosanna<>>


08/28/23 07:06 AM #15    

David Fletcher

Thanks, Rosanna.  I'll check to see if there is someone out there who can convert those old 8mm films to a newer format.  There used to be, but it has been many years since I researched that.  Thanks.

08/28/23 05:05 PM #16    


Randall R. Tucker

To David and Rosanna about the 8mm film. I think Lai's Photography in Tullahoma near Fazolli's and across from Stan McNabb Chevrolet can convert 8mm film to VHS or DVD. You may know someone else but I took it that you may be looking for someone that could do that.

Lai's Speedy Photos

1973 N. Jackson Street

Tullahoma, TN 37388

Phone: 931-454-9877



Randall R. Tucker


08/29/23 10:00 AM #17    

David Fletcher

Thanks, Randall.  I'll check with Lai's.  He's been over there in Tullahoma forever!


04/05/24 11:15 AM #18    

Floyd Shadwick

For general notification!

If you're interested in helping with our 50th reunion, we're meeting at the Coffee County Administrative Plaza, 1331 Mcarthur St, Manchester.

It will be at 6:00PM on April 26, 2024.

Coffee County Administrative Plaza - Bing Maps

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